Synthetic Lawn Care

Synthetic Lawn & Turf Care and Maintenance Tips

General Synthetic Lawn Care

  • Clean loose debris from lawn surface using leaf blower (on low setting), broom or rake.
  • Clean/ vacuum area where debris builds up. This normally is around the edges.
  • Wash down the lawn periodically with a hose and water to help clean the dust and flush out any urine or spills. (Weekly for lawn with dogs)
  • To keep fibers upright, periodically (at least monthly) brush the fibers with a stiff broom. This will be needed more frequently in the high traffic locals. Rubber or sand in fill may be needed occasionally.
  • For hard stains such as animal droppings, mildew or spills, use one part household bleach to three parts water, clean the area well, and rinse the area with a spray nozzle and hose
  • For stubborn odors, use half & half- water and baking soda
  • For hard water stains spray area with 50/50 water and vinegar and rinse with clean water
  • Keep any kind of flame (cigarettes, grills, fireworks, etc) away from the turf., as well as glass that may magnify the sunlight and burn the turf.

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