Engineered Wood Flooring

For the advantage of real hardwood in areas where solid wood floors are not recommended, engineered hardwood flooring is the choice for below-grade installations, over radiant heating systems, on concrete subfloors, or in
extreme conditions. Real wood flooring surface and ease of installation similar to laminate floors.


Smooth and Distressed Wood Flooring

The charm and ambience of hand-crafted, custom-made flooring. Hand-crafted designs complement themes from traditional 18th century to contemporary. Low maintenance no-wax finishes perform beautifully. When it's style that drives your choices smooth and dsitressed wood flooring is an excellent choice.


Solid Wood Flooring

hardwood flooring delivers unmatched beauty, durability, structural strength, and long life to your home or commercial space. Hardwood flooring is in a class by itself. The hardwood floors we offer will meet all of your expectations, and ensure you receive the perfect hardwood floor for your living space.


Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is an attractive alternative for flooring because of its physical similarities to hardwoods. Bamboo floors offer strength, durability as well as resistance to insects and moisture while having the added benefit of being eco friendly.


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